Sustainable Features

sus-pic1What sets this project apart from many others is that the building design has achieved a 10 Star Energy Efficiency Rating. The home is based on well-established solar passive design principles to ensure maximum thermal comfort year round, with no air-conditioning or artificial heating required.

sus-pic2sus-pic3These principles include east-west orientation, high thermal mass materials, high insulation value to roof and walls and the use of double-hung and louver shutter windows to maximise cross flow ventilation.

sus-pic5sus-pic4Energy and water efficient fixtures and appliances, combined with modern technologies, including interactive communications systems will make for easy, affordable living.

sus-pic6The home will generate more electricity than can be used from a 5kw solar system and will harvest and recycle water which will be used on the native gardens, contributing to the environmental performance of the home by providing natural shading. This home will showcase an exemplary, creative and affordable housing solution on a reduced footprint.


Sustainability Assesment

In addition to the mandatory NATHERS thermal performance rating required under the Building Code of Australia, the building design for Lot 26 Fitzgerald St has undergone further scrutiny on its environmental impact and sustainable and livability credentials through the e tool assessment.LCA software is an industry leading Life Cycle Assessment program that enables in-depth analysis of building inputs, as well as design performance modeling to account for both the embodied and operational carbon of a project.